BBC Channels Abroad

BBC operations abroad the UK.

The charter establishing the BBC in the United Kingdom forbids the BBC from doing any commercial business within the country.

However no such restriction exists for its International operations throughout the rest of the world. BBC runs its International operations in two manners: wholly owned operations and joint ventures with other existing media partners.

Some of the BBC’s wholly owned international operations are listed as follows:

  • BBC America - entertainment channel available in US
  • BBC Prime - entertainment channel available in Europe, Africa and Middle East
  • BBC World - formerly World Service Television’s news and information
  • BBC Entertainment - entertainment channel available in Asia
  • BBC Food - Southern Africa/Scandinavia

Some of the BBC’s Joint Venture establishments with other media partners are:

Alliance Atlantis in Canada

  • BBC Canada - entertainment channel available in Canada
  • BBC Kids - children’s channel available in Canada
    • Discovery Channel Worldwide

      The following BBC channels are operated in conjunction with Discovery Channel.

      • Animal Planet - Natural History documentaries (also available in the UK)
      • People+Arts - Lifestyle and reality programs which are available in in Latin America, Spain and Portugal

      Foxtel and RTL in Oceania

      BBC Worldwide runs these channels in a joint venture partnership with Foxtel and RTL

      • UK.TV - General Entertainment channel in Australia and New Zealand.

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